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The rantings of a man exposed to too much sun....

  Ever stop to think...and forget to start again?  I don't know if it's an age thing or just a total brain crash, but it's seemingly becoming more of a daily occurrence.
  When my computer goes to "blue" screen, I reboot and hope for the best.  When my brain crashes, I simply stare.  You've seen that look.  That, "where in the world am I" look.  It's only scary to everybody else.  I think I'm in total denial.
  Everyone asks, "Are you okay?"  The typical reply is, "Yea, I'm just thinking."  In reality, there's no thinking going on.  I'm just in space.  "Houston, we have a problem" would be a better reply.
  I'm realizing that as I get older, it becomes much more acceptable to go into "blue" screen.  I think people accept it and even expect it.  It's like a rite of getting older.  It's one of the perks of passing the 60 milestone.
  Life is a cycle.  When you're young, you can do anything you want.  They blame it on immaturity.  When you get old, you can do anything you want too.  They blame it on senility.
  I guess my biggest issue is trying to determine whether I'm immature or senile.  Probably a little of both.
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